The Asociación Felina Argentina was created on 1978, its purpose is to promote the breed and selection of pure breed cats.

It is a member of the Sociedad Rural Argentina and since 1988 member of the Federation Internationale Feline (F.I.Fe.), after this event A.F.A.´s pedigrees have international validity.

Since A.F.A.´s foundation the objectives proposed has been accomplished,as for example:

  • The creation of the pedigree registry department (libre d' Órigine) responsible for the registration and control of the ancestors of the pure breed cats born in the country, the registration and control of pure breed cats coming from others international associations, the delivering of pedigrees (certificate of origin) of the A.F.A.´s registered cats.

  • The organization of shows with the participation as competitors of a great number of pure breed cats and non breed cats too.
    These shows count with the participátion of a jury pannel composed of national judges and judges from abroad specially invited in order to evaluate the work of Argentinean breeders.

  • The setting up of exhibitions and beauty contests at different country locations in order to give the opportunity to people from other places to be in contact with the pure breed world cat.

  • The constant organization of seminars, conferences and courses in order to improve the knowledge on different areas as for example: "breeding pure breed cats", "genetics", "cat's health", "cat's behaviour", etc.
    These activities are imparted by professionals and first level specialists to cat fanciers even if they are breeders or not.

  • The trainment of national and international judges with full F.I.Fe.'s recognition.

  • The publishing of A.F.A.´s activities by radio, television and graphic media, to show people the world cat and specially the pure breed world cat.

A.F.A.´s chief office is located in Buenos Aires city, Argentina.


Photo by Helmi Flick


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